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ART CLASSES  for all abilities 

For many years, until recently, I have run an Art Centre, teaching and demonstrating and giving advice on art materials.  Now retired, I run art classes from my studio in Ruthin, North Wales.  By keeping the numbers of the group to only five allows for plenty of individual tuition but enough to make it fun and sociable.  Learning and improving is easy in a relaxed and friendly environment and observing each other’s approach and interpretation is also helpful in being able to creatively express one’s self.

We have all at times found ourselves content to be ‘comfortable’, painting using the same colours, the same brushes and the same paper – often kind and encouraging critiques from family and friends keeps us in the same mode.  To learn and develop your skills I believe in pushing you a little outside your comfort zone, encouraging you to experiment, trying out new tips and techniques, colours or materials.   You can go about this with wild abandon or you can go at your own pace discovering the bold and limitless ways of handling different media. Either way you will surprise yourself!  By being open-minded, being prepared to break the rules and be experimental, you will find your own style developing – something that is uniquely yours.

Each session will start with a different demonstration using a different medium and subject.  It will include watercolour, acrylic, knife painting, oils, soft pastels, oil pastels, water-soluble pencils and crayons and wax, gouache, pen and wash, collage, textures and mixed media.  I hope by my using different products and in different ways any inhibitions you might have will soon be dispelled.  Should you wish to purchase any of these art products and incorporate them into your ‘box of tricks’, I can provide them at generous discounts and many of them are ex demo items at silly prices.

Complete beginners are welcome but being thrown in at the deep end might be too sharp a learning curve!  If, on the other hand, you would like to take it a bit slower with the fundamentals, discover whether this is a pastime you wish to pursue and get a bit more individual help, then a beginners’ class might suit you.  All materials will be provided for the session.  I am flexible about when the class takes place but require a minimum of 2 people. 

The studio is spacious, well lit and equipped with desks, table and floor easels, boards and water jars with an ensuite kitchen, cloakroom and WC.  I keep in stock a wide choice of materials, papers, boards and canvas.  There is a vast library of prints taken from my photographs from which you can work and a wide selection of art reference books.   Still life arrangement or flowers will be provided if appropriate.   You will need to bring with you your chosen art materials and accessories and, if you wish, your own image from which to work; an apron or old shirt to protect your clothes might be useful too.

Please do not hesitate in contacingt me if you wish to discuss. 
You can view my paintings on the website below.

“Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

                                                                                                          Pablo Picasso

 ENQUIRIES:    Tel: 01824 702408 Mobile: 07809 773263


Approx. Distances:  Mold 15 mins., Denbigh 10 mins., Chester 30 mins.

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  1. Jenny Holland avatar
    Jenny Holland Feb 1, 2014

    Patricia.  Sorry I have not been able to phone you sooner.  Tuesdays are sometimes full as they are this week but next week will be OK.  If you are considering coming on a fairly regular basis I am happy to do Wednesday morning as an alternative.  Perhaps you could give me a ring on 01352 715626 and I will see how best to accommodate you.

  2. Jenny Holland avatar
    Jenny Holland Nov 6, 2014

    Thank you for the enquiry Sian but I am still unpacking boxes and getting my new studio sorted out.  I will contact you again and see how you are fixed.  Jenny

  3. Jenny Holland avatar
    Jenny Holland Sep 28, 2015

    Hello Susan
    I am sorry I could not get back to you sooner.  I now live in Ruthin and I now only do classes for a maximum of 2 people.  I charge £12.50 per hour for 2 people and £15 per hour on a one to one basis.  I can provide materials at an additional cost of £3 per hour.  I do teach both oil and artists’ soft pastels but you don’t mention which.  If you are interested you can either email or ring me on 07809 773263

  4. Jenny Holland avatar
    Jenny Holland Sep 28, 2015

    Hello Kelly
    Sorry not to have got back sooner.  I can do weekends but I do not work in the evenings.  I can work on a one to one basis and it is £15 per hour and an additional £3 per hour if I provide all the materials.  Please email or ring me on 07809 773263 if you are interested.  Jenny